Our Story


The legacy of the Ultimate Craft Cocktail began with founder Greg Johnson’s lifelong pursuit of beverage innovation. It encompasses a passion for fresh, natural taste and the tenacity and ability to push past traditional industry boundaries. Johnson’s approach to quality is simple - find the finest natural ingredients, the ‘good stuff’, and nothing else. This means avoiding shortcuts, artificial ingredients and impurities in pursuit of the exceptional. Johnson observed that while quality beer and wine were available almost anywhere, a quality cocktail could only be found in restaurants and bars. The few ready-to-drink cocktails, though popular, were ‘cocktails’ in name only and did not resemble or taste like an authentic cocktail.

Johnson started MPACT Beverage to take on the challenge of producing the first premium, ready-to-drink craft cocktail, the first of its kind in the industry. Fresh tasting made with only the ‘good stuff’, “It had to taste like the best craft cocktail made by your favorite bartender—but would available anytime, anywhere—like beer and wine,” Johnson explains.

This solution required a proprietary alcohol that met specific government regulations. Johnson met the challenge and invented a craft cocktail like no-other – the ultimate craft cocktail. It combined only the finest ingredients, including fruit and juices sourced from around the world, and mixed with ultra-pure alcohol NO preservatives.

A history of innovation and success

Johnson, a degreed engineer, has long been recognized as a maverick, innovator and entrepreneur. He has earned numerous patents, awards and built his first company, Parrot-Ice Drink Products, into a hundred-million-dollar global organization. Parrot-Ice became the top premium frozen brand in the United States and the first to offer a real fruit frozen beverage.

In 2014, MPACT Beverage introduced its innovative product and program to the Texas adult beverage market, causing the state's hardly existent Cocktail To-Go Industry to explode with growth. MPACT began to supply and support daiquiri businesses state-wide.

Today, MPACT is Texas’ #1 craft cocktail provider and #1 alcohol producer in its class. In 2021, MPACT will batch over 1 million gallons from its beverage plant in Spring. Johnson’s legacy of inspired innovation continues as MPACT Beverage delivers another game-changing product and process that is revolutionizing the adult beverage industry.

Image of MPACT Beverage Company logo in tropical brown colors


The Mpact Branded Stamp represents our passion for quality and our island roots. The stamp was inspired and modeled after a legendary traders-mark used to identify “the good stuff” … or specifically the best rum available.

The Legend of the impact mark dates back to the mid-1600’s when sea traders sailed from the West Indies to Europe carrying valuable cargo including barrels full of the cherished rum also known as “kill-devil,”or grog.

As Europeans love for this new world libation grew so did their frustration as they often received substandard rum. Drinkers demanded “Only the good stuff!”… nothing else. To assure this high quality standard - Merchants identified the premium rum by stamping the barrels with so much force that the impact embossed the barrels.

From that day on the premium rum was traded and identified as the “good stuff “ the one with the Mpact mark.