MPACT Beverage

The Challenge

Consumer demand for authentic, great tasting beverages continues to grow, however, the market is flooded  with beverage imposters claiming to be authentic. They offer premixed cocktails that taste nothing like the original, flavored beer, or flavored malt beverages with no special taste characteristics. 

The MPACT Solution

Made with only the good stuff—nothing else!

Our cocktails are small batched using the best real fruit and juices, from around the world, real cream and mixed with pure cane sugar and blended with our MPACT CLEAR ultra-pure alcohol and nothing else – no sulfites, no preservatives, non-GMO and gluten free. Now available to consume anytime, anywhere!

Program Components Description  VIEW PDF
Beverage MPACT logo  MPACT Pre-mixed Ready to Drink Craft Cocktails
Sizes MPACT product bottle  Single Bottle 375 ML, 4 Pack 375 ML Bottles, Case 24 x 4 x 6
Flavors Stock: Rita, Hurricane, Hip-Notical, Pina Colada Special Order: Mpact Tea, Lemonade, Island Sunset, Mudslide, Arctic Russian
Advertising / Merchandising Rolling Ice Bin, MPACT Neon Sign, etc. (See advertising guide for detail)
Support Discovery consultation, program launch, merchandising, direct store delivery or distributor delivery (if applicable).
Operator Requirements Alcohol license for beer & wine, cooler storage