Restaurants & Bars

MPACT Beverage

The Challenge

  • Consistently preparing a craft quality cocktail
  • Managing limited labor and high preparation cost
  • Controlling multiple ingredients and liquor varieties
  • Selecting, operating and maintaining dispensing equipment
  • Configuring the proper TO-GO packaging and regulatory requirements
  • Selecting the ideal cocktail offerings to minimize operation burden and maximize profitability
  • Advertising and promoting cocktail offerings

The MPACT Solution

Premixed, ready to serve, ready to drink craft cocktails.

No additional preparation—just quick batch using our premixed cocktail in its 5-gallon container and add your special ingredients or a splash of your top-shelf alcohol brand. Customize to make your own signature cocktails with MPACT CLEAR alcohol base or MIXMASTER Fruit Purees. Make hundreds of cocktail recipes and serve it your way: frozen, chilled, on the rocks, from a store-n-pour—on premise or TO-GO.

Program Components Description  VIEW PDF

Beverage MPACT beverage logo  Pre-mixed Ready to Drink Craft Cocktails
Mixmaster logo  Mixmaster Fruit Puree's

Sizes 5-gallon pail  5 Gallon Pail   MPACT beverage single bottle  Single Bottle 375 ML  

Flavors Rita, Hurricane, Hip-Notical, Island Sunset, Pina Colada, Artic Russian, Melon Bomb, Jamaica Me Loco, Marretto, Island Peach, Island Strawberry, Island Style Lemonade, Island Style Tea

TO-GO Solution MPACT beverage product line up

Advertising / Merchandising Rolling Ice Bin, MPACT Neon Sign, etc. (See advertising guide for detail)

Program Support Discovery consultation, program launch, merchandising, direct store delivery or distributor delivery (if applicable).

Price & Profit Strategy Alcohol license for beer & wine, cooler storage water supply, power for dispensing machines