MPACT Beverage
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Since 1984, the founder of MPACT has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in Frozen Daiquiri concepts. As a result of new
alcohol TO-GO licensing laws, MPACT now offers qualified retailers a market-proven, turnkey DAIQUIRI TO GO (D2G) Program.

Our program is a perfect solution for any retailer that could benefit from a high profit, low labor, simple-to-operate beverage destination concept.


PLUG-N-Play — MPACT has developed and provides the essential components to transform any retail space into a high-volume, highly profitable, frozen DAIQUIRI TO-GO business.

FULL SUPPORT — MPACT will guide you through all areas of the implementation process using a three-phase approach.

SCALABLE FORMATS — available in (3) standard formats (scale to your business needs).

MINIMAL SPACE REQUIREMENT — fits on most counters behind the register or deli

LOW LABOR/SKILLS — No food prep, cashier can operate with minimal training


  • Beverage: Premium - best on the market, ready to serve daiquiri cocktails
  • Dispensing Equipment Solutions: (financing available with little to no money down)
  • Signage: (Store sets) indoor and outdoor
  • Menu: (Customizable digital menu)
  • Full support: 3 phases (see below)

D2G concept economics (PERformaNCE)

  • Low cost of entry + quick ROI
  • Gross profit: 70-80%
  • Revenue: Increase of 33% inside sales volume (typical average)
  • Break Even: 2-4 drinks per day
Download the Program Guide

MPACT daiquiris logo in neon pink and red PROGRAM START-UP GUIDE

Phase 1 — Program Concept Evaluation

  • Regulatory Requirement Review
  • Determine state and local license requirements
  • Site location evaluation (can be done virtually)
  • Determine best format and program, traffic flow

Phase 2 — Program And Format Selection

  • Dispensing equipment requirements, power, utilities, space
  • Budget and cost estimates
  • Equipment selection, signage and advertising selection (indoor and outdoor)
  • Marketing and Market Evaluation: Menu / offering selection / pricing

Phase 3 — Program Launch

  • Schedule program launch
  • Mpact Will:

  • Schedule your dispensing equipment installation
  • Provide staff training
  • Start up initial product order
  • Coordinate signage and merchandsing