C-Store Daiquiris To-Go

MPACT Beverage

Now available for convenience stores in Texas and other states!

MPACT Daiquiris To-Go

Daiquiris To Go Machine

Setting up a new Dispensed Daiquiri Business can be overwhelming, and the challenges are numerous.

  • Daiquiri menu selection
  • Cocktail recipes and preparation
  • Dispensing equipment selection
  • Licensing
  • Keeping it simple

The MPACT Solution

MPACT will guide you with the support to transform any convenience store retail space into a highly profitable daiquiri destination.

  • PUT-N-PLAY: Our program is cost-effective, easy to implement and simple to operate!
  • Proven proprietary best-in-class craft cocktails/daiquiris.
  • Marketing and support including signage (inside & outside), menu support, SOP, etc.
  • High profit margins 70% - 80% gross profit.
  • Minial square footage required, scalable to your space.
  • Low cost of entry — as little as $300 per month.
  • Dispensing Equipment: Innovative and reliable dispensing technology, compact and designed for high-volume.
Program Components Retail Daiquiri Dispense & Bottle Program  VIEW PDF
Beverage Solution MPACT logo  MPACT Pre-mixed Ready to Drink Craft Cocktails  Group of MPACT beverage bottles  Hipnotical Pail 
Mixmaster logo  Mixmaster Fruit Puree mix concentrates
MPACT Clear logo  Ultra-Pure Neutral Alcohol  Rita Pail
Equipment Configuration Options 2 Cylinders: 6 flavors
4 Cylinders: 16 flavors
8 Cylinders: 20+ flavors
Available Flavors (14) Stock: Rita, Hurricane, Hip-Notical, Pina Colada Special Order: Mpact Tea, Lemonade, Island Sunset, Arctic Russian, Peach, Strawberry (See product guide for details)
Advertising / Merchandising MPACT neon sign, branded table tent, menu inserts, etc. (See advertising guide for details)
TO-GO Accessories image of MPACT drinks(See advertising guide for more details)
Program Support Discovery consultation, supplier referrals, licensing, architecture, construction, program launch, merchandising, direct store delivery or distributor delivery (if applicable).
Retailer Requirements Alcohol license for on-premise serving of beer, wine, mixed beverages, Texas BG