Island-Style Tea

Only The 'Good Stuff' and Nothing Else

Gluten Free
GMO Free
Preservative Free


the ultimate island-style iced tea infused with fresh squeezed lemon juice, tropical citrus, sweet Louisiana cane sugar and a splash of cola to be combined with the top note sensation of our Ultra-Pure alcohol.


Ready to drink your way chilled, over-ice or frozen.

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5 Gal. Reusable Pail

Alcohol derived from Other Than Standard Orange wine. 

Cocktails were very popular during the Prohibition in the 1920’s, because mixers could be used to cover up the smell of alcohol in bars. A gentleman known as  Old Man Bishop had a stroke of luck when he disguised a powerful  drink by mixing tequila, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, with maple syrup. Since booze wasn’t as free flowing back then, drinks were made to be a lot stronger, and this one did just the trick. If one didn’t know better it would appear that you might just be sipping on an iced tea.