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Handcrafted in small batches, we source the finest ingredients and fruit juices from around the world and sweeten with pure cane sugar grown in Louisiana. We mix using our industry-changing proprietary Cryopact™ cold filtration process, keeping it fresh, delicious, and ready to drink.

 Gluten Free
GMO Free 

Preservative Free
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MPACT Beverage


is our premium, ultra-clear, neutral alcohol perfect for sipping or mixing with any cocktail recipe.

We begin with fermented Florida sweet orange peel molasses that we take through multiple proprietary processes including our Cryopact ™ cold filtration technology. The result is a smooth, ultra-pure, fermented neutral alcohol - the key in making the Ultimate Craft Cocktail. Anytime, anywhere!

MPACT Beverage

About MPact


Our founder, Greg Johnson, spent much of his youth living in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago and later in Miami, Florida where he developed a love for the tropics and for the sweet taste of island-grown fruit right off the tree. There, palm trees swayed, crystal-clear waters met sandy beaches and made for an island style experience that he infuses into each of his beverage concepts today.

MPACT Beverage

Our Mission

MPACT Clean Planet

Minimizing Plastic Waste With Our Pail Return & Re-Use Program

Sourcing Recycleable Materials and Retail Product Packaging

Reclaiming, Cleaning & Repurposing Waste-Water for Non-Product Use

MPACTING Our World by Saving Our Natural Resources

The 'good stuff'
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