Jamaica Me Loco

Island-Style Jamaica Me Loco

Only The 'Good Stuff' and Nothing Else

Gluten Free
GMO Free
Preservative Free


a trip to Jamaican paradise with this dreamy medley of island grown pineapple, coconut, fresh squeezed oranges, sweet Louisiana cane sugar.


Does not contain alcohol; intended to be mixed by retail customers with MPACT Forever Clear or other alcohol beverage products.

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Jamaica Me Loco

5 Gal. Reusable Pail

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Jamaica, you’ve probably heard the word “irie” thrown around in conversation. It’s a slang term used to describe when one is feeling good—everything is alright. There are several Jamaican greetings, but when someone asks, “How are you feeling?” an appropriate response would be, “Mi irie.”